Bushfire Assistance: Australian Red Cross Additional Support Grant

Bushfire Assistance: Australian Red Cross Additional Support Grant Main Image

Following the devastating bushfires on the NSW South Coast, a range of financial assistance has been made available to help with clean up and recovery.

The Australian Red Cross has a new additional support grant for people continuing to experience financial hardship from the 2019/20 bushfires.

This grant covers a range of different needs. The amount paid through this grant will vary depending on people's needs.

The grant may contribute towards costs related to the bushfires, such as:

  • additional rebuilding or re-establishment costs
  • further repairs to make homes safe to live in
  • clearing of bushfire impacted, unsafe trees on your property
  • basic necessities (such as utility bills, food or schooling)
  • ongoing out-of-pocket medical expenses
  • other costs related to individual circumstances due to the bushfires.


The additional support grant is for people who:

  • have received one of the previous Red Cross bushfire grants, and
  • are on a low income (receiving specific government financial assistance such as a pensioner, disability or health care card), and
  • are still in financial hardship because of the bushfires.

Further information about the grant can be found on the Australian Red Cross website.


Applications can be made online by clicking here. Applications close on Friday 27 November 2020. Applications will be assessed after the closing date and eligible applicants will receive their payment before Christmas.

For information on personal hardship and distress assistance, contact the Disaster Welfare Assistance Line on 1800 018 444.