Eurobodalla Gains

Check out the gains that the community and I have fought for and won in the Eurobodalla!

$684,800 to Australian Breastfeeding Association for Community Protection for Infants and Young Children in Bushfire Emergencies.

$99,700 to Southcoast Health and Sustainability Alliance (SHAHA) for Hanging Rock Climate Haven in Batemans Bay

$4,400,000 for a full Headspace in Batemans Bay.

$2,000 for Hope House Community Life Batemans Bay's Resilience and Wellbeing program.

$1,416,667 to Eurobodalla Shire Council for bushfire recovery. 

$20,000 for St Bernard's Primary School Batehaven for a Passive and Inclusive Play Area for students with high levels of anxiety.

$1,039,292 to Eurobodalla Shire Council under the Roads to Recovery Program.

Projects include:

Durras Drive, Benandarah.

George Bass Drive, Surf Beach.

Coronation Drive, Broulee.

Araluen Road, Merricumbene.

Broulee Road, Moruya.

South Head Road, Moruya.

Percy Davis Drive, Moruya.

Wamban Road, Moruya.

The River Road, Nelligen.

Runnyford Road, Runnyford.


$20,000 to the Eurobodalla Landcare Network to Clean Up the Clyde and protect the Little Penguin. 

$9,500 for Carroll College's Bangalay Forest Protectors Project in Broulee. 

$20,000 to Broulee Surf Life Saving Club to fit out the shed. 

$3,120 to Tuross Head Rural Fire Service Brigade for 20 MSA Flexifold goggles and HotShield face masks under the Volunteer Grants Program.

$850,000 for the Garlandtown Bridge widening and approach road under the Bridges Renewal Program.

$500 for Broulee Early Learning Centre under the NAIDOC Local Grants Program.

$500 for Batemans Bay High School under the NAIDOC Local Grants Program.

$150,000 for Eurobodalla Shire Council for Pathways on Northcove Road Long Beach.

$1494 Nippersville Childcare and preschool centre for recycling and improving waste management practises. Woolworths Junior Landcare Grant

$5293 to the Long Beach Fire Brigade to purchase vital equipment from the 2021 Stronger Communities Grant.

$138,016 for Eurobodalla Community Estuary from the National Bush Fire Recovery Fund

$131,000 Eurobodalla Landcare Network from the Bushfire National Recovery fund



Federal Stimulus NSW Road Safety Program

$50,000 for to upgrade the school crossing near St Mary's on Queen Street, Moruya to a raised wombat crossing. 

$45,000 to upgrade the school crossing near St Mary's on Church Street, Moruya to a raised wombat crossing.

$55,000 to install a new raised crossing at Mirrabooka Avenue, Moruya.

$80,000 to upgrade the existing school crossing for Sunshine Bay Public on Sunshine Bay Road, to a raised wombat crossing,

$50,000 to install a new raised crossing near St Peter's Anglican College on Train Street, Broulee.


Local Roads and Community Infrastructure Fund

$1.455,000 to Eurobodalla Shire Council for:

  • Araluen Road stabilisation, road widening and culvert replacement to avoid collapse.
  • Church Street Mogo box culvert
  • Unsealed road batter protection
  • Batemans Bay Foreshore - replacement of damaged retaining wall
  • Captain Oldrey Park - Car Park Upgrade


$10,000 for Yumaro Limited's Ability Connect Transport Project in Moruya.

$10,000 River of Art Inc, for three Murals from the 2021 Stronger Communities Fund. 

$15,000 for Mogo Public School to build a yarn'n circle.

$9,100 for Eurobodalla Woodcraft Guild to purchase a timber saw mill.  

$66,077 in bushfire recovery grants across the Eurobodalla.

Projects include:

Muddy Puddles' Stormbirds Disaster Recovery Programs for young people.  

Southcoast Health and Sustainability Alliance to establish a regular "The Moos News" community news bulletin.

Creative Arts Batemans Bay Inc's Postcards from the Fire.

The Family Place's Leaf by Leaf Art Therapy Project in Moruya and Batemans Bay.

PCYC NSW: Far South Coast's School Holiday Programs in Mogo, Moruya and Batemans Bay. 

Rosedale Association Inc's Return to Rosedale Welcome Event.

Tomakin Community Association's Community Recovery Barbeque.

Tuross Head Progress Association's post-bushfires forum and social soup kitchen. 


$2,800 to the Coastwatcher's Association for the Eurobodalla koala habitat and occupancy survey. 

 $14,350 for South Coast and Sustainability Alliance to install air conditioning and upgrade the Red Door Hall's insulation. 

$24,000 to the Nelligen Rural Fire Service Brigade for iPads for the truck to record incident details and help with navigation under the Volunteer Grants program.

$3,100,000 to the Eurobodalla Shire Council under the Fixing Local Roads Program.

Projects include:

Annette Street, Mogo.

Beach Road, Batemans Bay.

Bowerbird Place, Malua Bay.

George Bass Drive, Batemans Bay.

Litchfield Crescent, Long Beach.

Mulgowrie Street, Malua Bay.

North Head Drive, Moruya.

Wave Street, Tuross Head.

$1,768 to Community Life Batemans Bay under the Supplementary Grants 2020.

$2,000 for Batemans Bay Lions Club under the Supplementary Grants 2020.

$250,000 to Eurobodalla Shire Council for Road Safety Works at Beach Road.

$1300 for Moruya Public School for their enhancing native habitats project. Woolworths Junior Landcare Grant.

$1494 for Nippersville Childcare and Preschool Centre  recycling and improving waste management practices for the Woolworths Junior Landcare Grant.



$1004 to Broulee Early Learning Centre Pty Ltd 

$1000 to Batemans Bay High School

Community Child Care Fund

$240,000 to Eurobodalla Family Day Care in Moruya

$120,000 to Batemans Bay Out of School hours

$120,000 to Moruya After School and Vacation Care

$195,000 to Northside Early Learning Centre at Surfside




$2,000,000 for capital works at Banksia Village, Broulee 


$7,513,155 Federal Assistance Grant to Eurobodalla Shire Council.


$398,350 Accelerating Commercialisation Grant to SmartOysters, Broulee.  To help take their products to the world. 

2021 Bushfire Local Economic Recovery Fund - Stage 2 

$5,000,000 to complete stage two of the Mogo Adventure Trails Hub

$230,000 to the Phoenix Community Wellbeing Program

$949,840 to restore habitats and build community resilience in Eurobodalla and Shoalhaven

$995,023 to the South Coast Centre of Excellence for Eurobodalla and Shoalhaven

$315,000 to promote the Gourmet Coast Trail

$947,803 for community led recovery and regeneration education hub for South East NSW

$383,133 to Regenerate: NSW family and relationship counselling

$3,475,000 to Anglicare Regional Recovery Program

$999,570 to support bushfire affected startups

$3,994,938 for Royal Far West Bushfire Recovery Program - Eurobodalla and Shoalhaven

$211,000 Support South Coast Youth Volunteering Initiative - Eurobodalla and Shoalhaven

$2,071,465 to fund EcoCrews in Eurobodalla and the Bega Valley

$2,780,632 to Blueprint for a Resilient South East NSW

$1,000,000 Restoring Country, community and culture - Eurobodalla and Shoalhaven

$2,078,769 to reconstruct the Mogo Local Aboriginal Land Council Office

$998,522 for ReGrowth: Connect, Create, Perform - Eurobodalla and Bega

$5,332 for Eurobodalla Vietnam Veterans to support the local Defence and veteran community.

$2,100 for Moruya Public School to install a softfall base and equipment in the playground.

$238,845 for IRT's Booraja Home Care Program.

 $6,380 for NSW WIRES Mid South Coast to treat wombat mange on the Mid South Coast. 

$8,250 for Katungul to build an outdoor yarning circle. 

$7,000 for Eurobodalla Landcare to undertake weed control and revegetate with native species across the Eurobodalla. 

$3,300 for Hope House Community Life Batemans Bay to develop a workshop space. 

$1,390 to Bingie Rural Fire Service Brigade for 20 Multiple use respirator mask kits including two replaceable filters and  20 sets of replacement filters under the Volunteer Grants Program.

$2,890 to Friends of Eurobodalla Regional Botanic Gardens for a barbeque, gas bottle and barbeque equipment for fundraising and to hold a thank you to supporters barbeque under the Volunteer Grants program.

$3,000 to Surf Beach Rural Fire Brigade for petrol vouchers for volunteers under the Volunteer Grants program. 

$30,000 for the Eurobodalla Green Infrastructure and Biodiversity Strategy to improve green infrastructure in the region. 

$313,500 for the Clyde River Estuary under the Fisheries Habitat Restoration Project to restore the health and functionality of coastal and estuarine fisheries habitats 

$3,000 to Bay and Basin Cancer Support Group under the Supplementary Volunteer Grants 2020.

$3,570 to Eurobodalla Meals on Wheels under the Supplementary Grants 2020.

$100,000 to Eurobodalla Shire Council for Cody’s Bridge to be replaced

$1492 to Hope Early Development Centre Broulee for Recycling and improving waste management practices. Woolworths Junior Landcare Grant

$2500 Tuross Heads Mens Shed to build a secure storage area. Funding from the 2021 Stronger Communities Fund.

$87,470 for the Shoalhaven Bat Clinic and South Coast Wildlife from the Bushfire National Recovery Fund 

2021 Stronger Communities Fund recipients:

$2800 to the Tuross Men's Shed to build a secure area for storage.

$5292.10 to The Long Beach Rural Fire Brigade for the purchase of vital equipment.

$3050 for air-conditioning and a freezer for the Clyde River and Batemans Bay Historical Society Inc 

$10,000 to River of Art Inc for 3 murals 

$300,000 from Round 2 of the Regional Airports Program. For the reconstruction, strengthening and widening of the taxiway to the hanger precinct of Moruya Airport.

$3,125,913 to the Australian National University for the Southcoast U-grids Reliability Feasibility (SuRF) project in Moruya. The project will investigate the technical, economic and social feasibility of micogrids through community led design, quantify the value of reliability, model eight microgrid designs across the region, and investigate business models and regulatory innovations.