Farms Household Allowance Program

Farms Household Allowance Program Main Image

The Department of Human Services (DHS) is providing farming families that are experiencing financial hardship with assistance through planning and training for long-term financial improvements, as well as income support for up to 4 years.


Available assistance includes:

  • A fortnightly payment and supplementary allowances, such as rent assistance, telephone and pharmaceutical allowances and a Health Care Card;
  • Individual case support with a Farm Household Case Officer (FHCO) and a Rural Financial Counsellor (RFC);
  • A financial assessment of the farm enterprise up to $1500;
  • A $4000 activity supplement that gives farmers an opportunity to develop skills, access training and pay for advice to better manage their business into the future;
  • Additional assistance may include a lump sum payment.


For further information about the grant and for applications refer to the Business website. You can also contact my office with queries on 4423 1782 or email [email protected]

Applications are ongoing.