Veteran and Community Grants

Veteran and Community Grants  Main Image

The Department of Veterans Affairs is providing small grants of up to $20,000 and large grants up to $150,000 to community organisations to support projects and activities that focused on safe, accessible
environments for veterans and their families to enable social connection and positive engagement to improve wellbeing.

Eligible activities under the grant include:

  • improvements to support safe and accessible environments – for example, purchase of a
    defibrillator, repair/replace heating and cooling, repair/replace electrical wiring, building
    modifications to improve accessibility
  • purchase of minor tools and equipment – for example, wood-working/art/craft tools, tools for
    Men’s Sheds
  • activities to increase social connectedness and reduce social isolation
  • promoting and enhancing healthy lifestyles, particularly physical activity and mental wellbeing
  • building repairs and maintenance
  • addressing gaps in local services for the veteran community consistent with the program


An eligible applicant must be an Ex-Service Organisation (ESO), a non-ESO operating as a Trustee of an ESO or non-ESO in a partnership or consortia arrangement with at least one ESO. Applicants must also be an  incorporated organisation and one of the following:

  • Company
  • Cooperative
  • Incorporated Association
  • Indigenous Corporation
  • Partnership
  • Statutory Entity


For further information, including how to apply, visit the Community Grants Hub website here.

Applications close 29 January 2020.