Media release: Business-as-usual rethought

Media release: Business-as-usual rethought Main Image

With the bushfires and now coronavirus having a profound and unprecedented impact on customer demand, businesses across the country are changing their traditional way of thinking to stay afloat.

Member for Gilmore, Fiona Phillips MP is encouraging businesses to think outside the box to discover new ways their products and services might be used to address the many challenges of coronavirus.

Many manufacturers on the South Coast are already diversifying their products to meet the new demand for items such as hand sanitiser, face masks and other health related equipment, but there is opportunity for those that can make the switch quickly.

“There is no doubt that businesses are facing an economic crisis like we haven’t experienced before,” Member for Gilmore, Fiona Phillips said.

“But what we are seeing once again is that amazing resilience of our community – with companies changing their business models to make the products and services that we need now,”

“We have so many innovative manufacturers and businesses on the South Coast and 

With demands on vital equipment increasing, both the Australian and NSW Governments are asking manufactures who may be capable of diversifying their operations to register now.

“We have a wealth of innovative manufacturers and businesses on the South Coast. This is a fantastic opportunity for them to keep their doors open and play a pivotal role in our response to this pandemic,” Fiona Phillips said.

“I encourage all local businesses to have a look at what you produce and how, and if you think you could make some changes to address the new normal – then register today,” she said.

Manufacturers that are willing and able to produce medical supplies and personal protective equipment can register with the Australian Government until 7 April via Austender. Manufacturers can also register their capacity for component parts or other important goods, so gaps in the production cycle can be filled, with the Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre’s.

The NSW Government has also opened a new portal for those who can help supply hand sanitiser, handwash soap, gloves, cleaning products, protective clothing, masks, eyewear and paper products.

Businesses can also register with the Department of Industry for the supply of swabs for the testing of COVID-19, hand sanitiser and a range of other issues.