Media Release
21 September 2021


Dementia Action Week - A little support makes a big difference


I wish to lend my support, and yes, make a difference by increasing awareness and helping to clear some
of the prevailing misconceptions about dementia, to learn a bit more about what it is like to live with
dementia and what kind of support is helpful.


We know that dementia, unfortunately, is the 2nd leading cause of death in Australia and the
leading cause of death for women.


On the NSW South Coast, we have so many wonderful carers support groups and I thank every one of their
respective members. Also, of course, to all carers that work tirelessly to support their loved one with
dementia. To our health practitioners and aged care workers that do wonderful work in looking after those
with dementia. Thank you.


Dementia Action Week has prepared a 'tip list' of seven ways we can all understand better how to make things a little easier for someone living with dementia, I hope you find the straightforward messaging as informative as I certainly did.


Published by Dementia Australia: "Just a reminder of how you can help me" ->

(1) Make home life easier for me with a few smart changes.

(2) Give me a little space to do things for myself.

(3) Listen to me, don't always try to solve my problems.

(4) Give me a minute to find the right words. 

(5) Remind me with clever technology.

(6) Help me plan my own social life.

(7) Encourage me to stay active and healthy.