Media Release: More bulk billing and cheaper medicines in Gilmore

Media Release: More bulk billing and cheaper medicines in Gilmore Main Image

01 May 2024

More GPs are bulk billing patients in Gilmore as a direct result of investment by the Albanese Government to make it easier to see a doctor.

In the month before the bulk billing incentive was tripled on 1 November 2023, 78.4 per cent of all GP visits were bulk billed in Gilmore. Over the next five months the bulk billing rate increased by four per cent percentage points to 82.4 per cent in March.

This means an estimated 15,734 additional trips to the GP were bulk billed in Gilmore in the five months to March.

Residents are also seeing savings thanks to the Albanese Government’s commitment to delivering cheaper medicines, following the largest reduction in the PBS co-payment in the history of the PBS and the introduction of 60-day scripts.

Residents in Gilmore have saved $1,753,804 on 150,316 cheaper scripts since January 2023.

The Albanese Government’s $6.1 billion investment in strengthening Medicare, including the largest investment in bulk billing in Medicare’s 40-year history, has given GPs the confidence to build sustainable businesses, particularly in regional and rural Australia, where Medicare payments for a standard bulk billed GP visit have increased by 50 per cent.

Bulk billing had been falling after a decade of cuts and neglect to Medicare by the former Government that began when Peter Dutton froze Medicare rebates as Health Minister.

Federal Minister for Health and Aged Care Mark Butler said, thanks to the Albanese Government, there is more bulk billing in Gilmore.

“Doctors’ groups have called our tripling of the bulk billing incentive a ‘game changer’ – and clearly it is in Gilmore,” he said.

“The Albanese Government’s $6.1 billion investment in Strengthening Medicare is making it easier to see a doctor for free, fully bulk billed.

“Every extra bulk billed visit to a GP means one less gap fee, taking pressure off household budgets.”

“This is a win all round – for patients, doctors and the health system – and it is helping make Medicare stronger.”

Mrs Phillips said families with children under 16, pensioners and other concession cardholders were finding it easier to see a bulk billing doctor and, together, these patients made up more than three out of five visits to a GP.

“People in Gilmore know that after a decade of cuts and neglect from Peter Dutton and the Liberals, it was increasingly hard to find a bulk billing doctor,” she said.

“Now, thanks to the Albanese Government there is more bulk billing, which is delivering significant cost of living relief.

“Labor introduced Medicare and only Labor can be trusted to strengthen and protect it.”