Media release: Princes Highway projects to continue unchanged

Media release: Princes Highway projects to continue unchanged Main Image

Federally funded infrastructure projects which form part of the Princes Highway corridor in the electorate of Gilmore will go ahead unchanged, the outcomes of the Infrastructure Investment Program review has confirmed.

This includes: the Milton Ulladulla Bypass, the Jervis Bay Road intersection upgrade, the Nowra Bypass and Network Improvements (planning), and the Jervis Bay Road to Hawken Road upgrade.

Member for Gilmore, Fiona Phillips MP said she had made it clear to the Infrastructure Minister that our community expects all the critical upgrades along the Princes Highway to go ahead.

The Gilmore MP was delighted to confirm that these projects will be funded as part of the Princes Highway corridor, noting many of them are well in excess of 50 per cent federally funded.

 “I have fought for funding for our Princes Highway across a range of crucial local projects for years and years,”

“I have long championed projects such as the Jervis Bay Flyover and the Milton Ulladulla Bypass, and I was the first person to make a commitment and deliver substantial funding to the long-overdue Nowra Bypass,” Fiona Phillips said.

The strategic review revealed that many projects across the country lacked proper planning, didn’t have informed costings and weren’t ready for Commonwealth investment. Mrs Phillips said the South Coast had been impacted by the poor handling of the infrastructure pipeline by the former Liberal Government for years.

“The reality is, the former state and federal Liberal governments have made a mess of the Infrastructure pipeline by their notorious preference for announcement over delivery.”

“Projects sat announced to fanfare by local Liberal MPs with not a shovel in the ground, or a spec of planning complete, for years and years. That is the true legacy of the Liberal government and it is not good enough,” Fiona said.

In particular, Mrs Phillips was critical of the way the former government handled the Milton Ulladulla Bypass and the Jervis Bay Road intersection upgrade.

“We’ve seen delays and a total bungling of the planning for the Milton Ulladulla Bypass by the former Liberal government – the local community I’m sure would agree with that. We are determined to fix that mess and get this vital project right.”

“And let’s not forget that if it were up to the Liberals, the Jervis Bay Road intersection would be stuck with a roundabout instead of the flyover that I helped secure, along with dedicated local people,” she said.

“I am passionate about ensuring our community has roads that are safe, fit for purpose and ready for the future – this is what I am focused on and what I will continue working hard to deliver,” Fiona concluded.